Symposium 2013

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This publication documents the symposium "EGO | European History Online: Aims and Implementation (EGO | Europäische Geschichte Online: Bilanz und Perspektiven)" which took place on 4 November 2013 at the Zitadelle Mainz (Drusussaal). The verbal character of the presentations and comments has been maintained in the transcription. The introduction has been enhanced by adding summaries of the presentations and the discussion. All participants have authorised the selection of contributions published on this site.

Welcome Address

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Introduction: EGO | European History Online – Aims and Implementation. An Interim Review

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Section 1: Multi-Inter-Trans-Disciplinarity

What specific perspectives are introduced to EGO by the individual historical disciplines? In what ways do the participating disciplines profit from the concept of the transferts culturels on which EGO is based? How do these disciplines work together scientifically – is EGO a transdisciplinary, an interdisciplinary or a multidisciplinary project?

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Section 2: Multi-Inter-Trans-Nationality

In what ways does the editors' national background influence the selection of topics and authors? What are the prospects and limits of the programmatic bilingual range of EGO? How do (non-)English native speakers receive the translation of German-language articles? Are there any conceivable alternatives to the concept of "translation"?

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Section 3: Multi-Inter-Trans-Mediality

How do scientific texts and illustrations, audio and video elements in EGO relate to each other? In which contexts do multimedia elements illustrate the text, in which contexts do they add to the text's line of argument? Which disciplines and scientific institutions profit particularly from the multimedial linkage of EGO-articles? Do internal links to other EGO-articles improve the visibility of communicative "nodal points" of European history which have been neglected so far?

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Berger, Joachim (ed.): EGO | European History Online: Aims and Implementation, Mainz 2013-12-15. URL: URN: urn:nbn:de:0159-2015062217.