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The Mediterranean region is a contact zone between Africa, Asia, and Europe – a "fluid continent" (Gabriel Audisio), where religious and cultural, political ...
by Manuel Borutta
Peace Processes in the Pre-Modern Era
Peace processes shaped political and social transformations in pre-modern Europe on many levels. At the core of these peace processes was the negotiation and ...
by Inken Schmidt-Voges
Anatomical theatre
The anatomical theatre was a central medical institution in the early modern period. Designed and realized as sites of medical teaching, its manifestations ...
by Marion Mücke , Thomas Schnalke
Mission, Kolonialismus und Wertewandel
Der Beitrag beschreibt Missionsprozesse in der (Frühen) Neuzeit und analysiert das Spannungsverhältnis zum Kolonialismus. Dabei ist strikt zwischen ...
by Michael Sievernich
Kurorte stellen einen besonderen Typus europäischen urbanen und touristischen Lebens zwischen dem 16. und dem 19. Jahrhundert dar. Unabhängig davon, ob sie im ...
by Ute Lotz-Heumann
Orthodoxe Mission
Wenn von der europäischen Mission der Neuzeit die Rede ist, denkt man zumeist an römisch-katholische oder protestantische Unternehmungen. Doch auch die ...
by Ciprian Burlacioiu
The region that we now call Europe has never been a clear, self-contained entity in geographical, historical, or cultural terms. Rather, the constitutive ...
by Eva-Maria Troelenberg
Mission, colonialism, and changing values
The article describes missionary processes in the (early) modern period and analyzes the tension that existed with colonialism. In this context, a strict ...
by Michael Sievernich
A region is a medium-sized spatial unit characterized by its relative indeterminacy and fluidity. It requires a reference value and is therefore defined in ...
by Martina Steber
In the period 1450–1900, Europeans travelled to places both near and far, encountering landscapes and people. These encounters changed the world. New contact ...
by Doris Gruber


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