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The "Dutch Century"
The history of the Netherlands in the 17th century is generally described in superlatives – the "Golden Age" or "A Miracle Mirrored", to name just two titles ...
by Dagmar Freist
Educational Journey, Grand Tour
The following discussion focuses travelling for education and knowledge acquisition which was common in Europe among aristocratic and bourgeois families in the ...
by Mathis Leibetseder
Spaces of Courtly Display
In the medieval and early modern periods, courtly spaces were defined by the presence of the prince (Fürst) and his court. These spaces formed at different ...
by Ulrich Schütte
Nature and Environment
This article approaches the communication space and social construct of Europe from the perspective of environmental history and traces the commonalities and ...
by Nils Freytag
From the 16th century onward, women cultivated in salons a specific form of conversational conviviality and also registered their participation in the res ...
by Petra Dollinger
"The West"
This article explores the transformation of the directional concept "the west" into the socio-political concept "the West". From the early 19th century onward, ...
by Riccardo Bavaj
World War II
The article evaluates the degree to which the Second World War was responsible for the development of Europe since 1945. It seeks to disentangle effects that ...
by A.W. Purdue
Kavalierstour – Bildungsreise – Grand Tour
Im Mittelpunkt der folgenden Ausführungen stehen Reisen zum Bildungs- und Wissenserwerb, wie sie im Europa der Frühen Neuzeit in adeligen und bürgerlichen ...
by Mathis Leibetseder
Chambers of Art
As collection rooms based on a universalist approach, the chambers of art and wonders (Wunderkammern) were characteristic of the pre-modern era. In them, ...
by Gabriele Beßler
Catholic Mission
This article provides an overview of the Catholic Mission in the modern era, in which two phases can be distinguished: Under the patronage of the Iberian ...
by Michael Sievernich


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