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The transfer of knowledge and culture in Europe – particularly since the emergence of national languages as the languages of literature and scholarship – is ...
by Mary Snell-Hornby , Jürgen Schopp
Artistic and literary production are not inherently urban processes in themselves but they have always flourished in an urban context and the processes of ...
by Markian Prokopovych , Rosemary H. Sweet
Performances of William Shakespeare's plays on the European continent date back to his lifetime. Since his death in 1616, the playwright has never stopped ...
by Sophie Chiari
Kongregation von Saint-Maur
Die benediktinische Reformkongregation von Saint-Maur bestand von 1618 bis 1792 und hatte ihren Hauptsitz im Kloster Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris. Mauriner ...
by Gregor Emmenegger
East West Literary Transfers
This article re-examines one of the aesthetic foundations of orientalist discourse. It focuses on the circulation of literary themes, techniques and motifs ...
by Anne Duprat
Der Alpenraum liegt zwischen mehreren dicht besiedelten europäischen Ländern. Er besteht aus einem Gebirgsbogen von 1.200 Kilometern Länge, der von vielen ...
by Jon Mathieu
Europe developed an independent existence in terms of its function as a cultural reference point. Initially conceived of as an independent entity within the ...
by Wolfgang Schmale
Standardisation in Europe
The establishment of shared concepts and meanings is a precondition for cultural interaction. Therefore, standardisation is an age-old process and has always ...
by Roland Wenzlhuemer
Das "niederländische Jahrhundert"
Die Geschichte der Niederlande im 17. Jahrhundert wird traditionell in Superlativen charakterisiert – das "Goldene Zeitalter" oder "A Miracle Mirrored", um nur ...
by Dagmar Freist
The Pyrenees Region
The Pyrenees region encompasses areas from the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of France and the Principality of Andorra. It is also linguistically ...
by Friedrich Edelmayer


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