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The hospital is a typical specialized facility of the modern age: Sick people are brought together under the ideal of socially and ideologically indifferent ...
by Fritz Dross
Royal and imperial courts and dynasties
This contribution offers a broad overview of the common themes that linked together the royal and imperial courts of Europe in the pre-modern world. In ...
by Jonathan Spangler
China Fashion
In the 17th and 18th centuries, European fashion was influenced by the allure of Chinese aesthetics, manifesting in the consumption of imported Chinese goods ...
by Mareike Menne
Intellectual and Academic Networks
Intellectual and academic networks in the period 1450 to 1800 were structured by diverse connections between persons, including letters, and by academic ...
by Dirk van Miert
Internationalization of Sport
The transnational spread of sport in the 19th century, facilitated primarily by the migration of elite athletes, culminated at the turn of the century in the ...
by Christian Koller
Lingua Franca
This article addresses the transition from Latin to French as the dominant lingua franca in Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. While this ...
by Thorsten Roelcke
Political Migration (Exile)
In the wake of the "Atlantic Revolutions" of the years 1770–1800, exile movements grew in importance, and political motives became their prominent causes. In ...
by Delphine Diaz
Internationale soziale Bewegungen
Dieser Artikel untersucht eine Vielfalt internationaler sozialer Bewegungen vor 1945 und will dadurch zu einer tieferschürfenden transnationalen historischen ...
by Stefan Berger
Königshöfe, Kaiserhöfe und Dynastien
Dieser Beitrag liefert einen breiten Überblick über Themen und Motive, die für ein länderübergreifendes Verständnis königlicher und kaiserlicher Höfe im Europa ...
by Jonathan Spangler


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