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Islam in Europe
From the early Middle Ages until the beginning of the twentieth century, Islamic states were an integral part of Europe's political geography. Throughout the ...
by Patrick Franke
Thirty Years' War
The Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) became a media phenomenon, manifesting itself in different ways depending on the functions of the age's various media types. ...
by Esther-Beate Körber
The term Abendland (Occident) refers to a primarily German discussion about Europe, which was particularly active from the end of the First World War to the ...
by Vanessa Conze
The "Dutch Century"
The history of the Netherlands in the 17th century is generally described in superlatives – the "Golden Age" or "A Miracle Mirrored", to name just two titles ...
by Dagmar Freist
British and American Constitutional Models
While in the 18th century enthusiasm for the liberal British constitution was a central element in continental Anglophilia, the American Revolution brought a ...
by Horst Dippel
Translatio Imperii im Moskauer Russland
Für die christliche Kaiserherrschaft sowohl im oströmisch-byzantinischen Reich wie im Heiligen Römischen Reich war in der historischen Abfolge der Weltreiche, ...
by Edgar Hösch
Spaces of Courtly Display
In the medieval and early modern periods, courtly spaces were defined by the presence of the prince (Fürst) and his court. These spaces formed at different ...
by Ulrich Schütte
Normen und Werte des neuen Staates wurden insbesondere in den Gründerjahren der Türkischen Republik gesetzt. Treibende Kraft hinter dem Nationalisierungs- und ...
by Sara-Marie Demiriz
From the 16th century onward, women cultivated in salons a specific form of conversational conviviality and also registered their participation in the res ...
by Petra Dollinger
Colonial Law
This article reconstructs the development process of colonial law in Europe and discusses the relationship between colonial law and international law. The ...
by Luigi Nuzzo


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