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Journalismus bezeichnet das System, in dem die Inhalte der neuzeitlichen Medien der Massenkommunikation erarbeitet und bereitgestellt werden. Diejenigen, die ...
by Jürgen Wilke
Thirty Years' War
The Thirty Years' War (1618–1648) became a media phenomenon, manifesting itself in different ways depending on the functions of the age's various media types. ...
by Esther-Beate Körber
Journalism refers to the system of procuring and disseminating the contents of modern media of mass communication. Those who exercise this function are called ...
by Jürgen Wilke
Die europäischen Wälder sind über Jahrhunderte hinweg nicht nur zur Holzproduktion, sondern auch von der Landwirtschaft intensiv genutzt worden. Das hat zu ...
by Bernd-Stefan Grewe
Amerikanische Revolution
Die Amerikanische Revolution war nicht nur deshalb ein europäisches Medienereignis, weil sie überall in Europa von Medien thematisiert wurde, sondern auch ...
by Frank Becker
Emigration Across the Atlantic
Emigration across the Atlantic by Europeans during the 19th and 20th centuries, and especially during the so-called age of mass European migration from 1850 to ...
by Irial Glynn
Educational Journey, Grand Tour
The following discussion focuses travelling for education and knowledge acquisition which was common in Europe among aristocratic and bourgeois families in the ...
by Mathis Leibetseder
Jewish Migration
Were (and are) Jewish migrations predominantly the result of persecution and discrimination or were economic motives their main cause? This survey of the ...
by Tobias Brinkmann
Nature and Environment
This article approaches the communication space and social construct of Europe from the perspective of environmental history and traces the commonalities and ...
by Nils Freytag
From the 16th century onward, women cultivated in salons a specific form of conversational conviviality and also registered their participation in the res ...
by Petra Dollinger


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