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For centuries, the woodlands of Europe were not only used for wood production, but were also used intensively for agricultural purposes. This resulted in ...
by Bernd-Stefan Grewe
Model Classical Antiquity
Antiquity has served as a model for modern times in many ways, in art and architecture as well as in science, scholarship, and politics. Yet antiquity is not a ...
by Ulrich Niggemann , Kai Ruffing
Der europäische Wissens- und Kulturtransfer ist – besonders seit der Entwicklung der Nationalsprachen als Literatur- und Wissenschaftssprachen – ohne ...
by Mary Snell-Hornby , Jürgen Schopp
News Distribution
The human need for news and communication about news has been fulfilled in various ways in different eras and cultures by diverse technical means. Beginning ...
by Andreas Würgler
European Fashion
This article discusses the function of fashion as a form of cultural transfer in Europe-wide social processes between 1450 and 1950. Taking medieval gender ...
by Gabriele Mentges
This article provides an overview of economic globalization in the modern period. It includes an overview of the main phases of the history of globalization, ...
by Ulrich Pfister
Economic Networks
This article discusses various network structures in which commercial transactions occurred and economic actors organized their activities. Simultaneous ...
by Christian Marx
Historically, "population" has been an indispensable and ostensibly unambiguous concept – "population" encompasses the inhabitants of a specific territory at a ...
by Corinna Unger , Heinrich Hartmann
The word "icon" (and the adjective "iconic") is not an unfamiliar concept to the contemporary reader. It is used to denote things like the "icons" of our ...
by Davor Džalto
Natur und Umwelt
Der Text nähert sich dem Kommunikationsraum und sozialen Konstrukt Europa aus umwelthistorischer Perspektive und spürt Gemeinsamkeiten wie Unterschieden der ...
by Nils Freytag


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